Dizoflox Eye Drops

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Generic Name: Ofloxacin
Trade Name: Dizoflox
Manufacturer: Ashford Pharmaceutical Laboratories, Inc.
Source of Supply: Vendiz Pharmaceuticals Inc.
Pharmacologic Classification: Fluoroquinolone Eye Anti-infectives
Mechanism of Action: Ofloxacin has in vitro activity against a wide range of gram- negative and gram-positive microorganisms. Ofloxacin exerts its antibacterial activity by inhibiting DNA gyrase, a bacterial topoisomerase. DNA gyrase is an essential bacterial enzyme which is a critical catalyst in the duplication, transcription, and repair of bacterial DNA.
Therapeutic Indication: It is indicated for the treatment of external eye infections such as blepharitis, hordeolum, dacryocystitis, conjunctivitis, meibomitis, keratitis, trachoma, and for the prevention of infection following corneal ulceration.
Dosage Forms & Strength: 3mg/mL (0.3%) Ophthalmic Solution
Dosage and Administration: Instill 1 to 2 drops twice daily for 7 days to a maximum of 2 weeks or as prescribed by the physician.
Adverse Reactions: Irritation and stinging effect
Contraindications: It is contraindicated in patients with a history of hypersensitivity to ofloxacin, to other quinolones, or to any of the components in this medication.
Storage Condition: Store at temperature not exceeding 300