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Miconazole nitrate

Generic Name: Miconazole nitrate
Trade Name: Fungtopic Manufacturer – Ashford Pharmaceutical Laboratories, Inc.
Source of Supply: Vendiz Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Pharmacologic Classification: Topical Antifungal
Mechanism of Action: Miconazole has an in vitro activity against Cladosporium, Madurella and Phialophora spp. and against Pseudallescheria boydii , and Gram-positive bacteria including some staphylococci and streptococci.
Therapeutic Indication: Indicated for the topical treatment of fungal infections of the skin, hair, nails, as well as superinfection due to gram-positive bacteria.
Dosage Forms & Strength: 20mg/g (2% wiw) Cream Pharmacokinetics: There is a little absorption through skin or mucous membranes when miconazole nitrate is applied.
Dosage and Administration: When used in skin infections, apply the cream thinly into the lesion twice daily with gentle rubbing and should be continued for 10 days after the disappearance of all lesions. For nail infections, apply the cream sparingly to the affected area once daily.
Adverse Reactions: Local irritation and sensitivity reactions may occur when miconazole nitrate is used Topically; contact dermatitis have also been reported. Contraindications : Hypersentivity to miconazole.
Storage Condition: Store below 25°C.