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Generic Name: Hypromellose
Trade Name: Hypromax
Manufacturer: Ashford Pharmaceutical Laboratories, Inc.
Source of Supply: Vendiz Pharmaceuticals Inc.
Pharmacologic Classification: Ophthalmic Lubricant
Mechanism of Action: It acts to stabilize and thicken the pre corneal tear film and prolong the tear film breakup time which is usually accelerated in patients with dry eye states. It also acts to lubricate and protect the eye. It usually reduces the signs and symptoms resulting from moderate to severe dry eye syndromes
Therapeutic Indication: Ophthalmic Lubricant
Dosage Forms & Strength: 3mg/mL (0.3%) Sterile Ophthalmic Solution
Dosage and Administration: Instill 1-2 drops in each eye. For contact lenses apply a few drops before insertion. Adverse Reactions: Eye discomfort/irritation/redness, tearing, temporary blurred vision.
Storage Condition: Protect from light. Store at temperature not exceeding 300 C.